Bath Township’s February Parks and Recreation meeting

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By Brendan Smoker

Bath-DeWitt Reporter

On Feb. 10 Bath Township’s Parks and Recreation board had their first monthly meeting. Although these meetings are open to the public, there was a lack of attendance, possibly due to the unusually cold temperatures.

One main topic discussed was Bath’s top three Capital Improvement Projects that consists of expanding broadband accessibility, improving worn roads and repairing sidewalks. Although a good portion of Bath residents have access to high-speed Internet, there is a still a big need for wireless access where satellite Internet is not available.

 photo 20140204_074250.jpg

Areas in Bath Township do not have wireless Internet access. Photo courtesy of Brendan Smoker

The potholes and torn up concrete on the roads and sidewalks are also a real problem in the town, and this becomes evident simply driving through the town. These three projects were chosen and put as priority for the Park and Recreation’s 2014 agenda.

New Superintendent

The second round of interviews for Bath’s new superintendent will be a public, interactive Q & A presentation. Daniel Burke Wietecha, from Wisconsin, is first to present on March 5, following  Sherry Katz-Hedrington from Bath, and, finally David Thayer, Grayling, Michigan’s past city manager.

Parks and Recreation Elections

Ending the meeting was the yearly Parks and Recreation elections. End results were Kyle Roush taking over for Nichole Waters’ secretary seat and Alden “Coh” Rohen is going to fill his last yearly term as Chairman. Waters served multiple terms as the Park’s secretary and, although she enjoyed her time, she was ready for a change, “it was nice to serve,” she said. “I enjoyed it. It kept me busy, but I’m glad to pass the torch to Kyle.”

Coh was elected chair in 2007 and has recently decided to retire after his 2014 term to pursue other life goals. He is glad that the committee has been “one of the more active” committees in the town. Coh goes on to say he considers it a “rewarding opportunity to work with the park and recreation director [Rebecca Goodwin].”

Closing Statements

Minor projects also discussed during the meeting included the “Winter in Michigan” themed snow sculpture competition, spring baseball, Park Lake reservation, and a possible Parks and Recreation logo. For more information on all these events, plus others, visit the Bath Charter Township website.

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