When Crime Goes Unnoticed

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Nakea Paige

JRN 300

Final Project

Which crime would you prefer to hear about?

There are several crimes that occur in Lansing Twp., but there aren’t many people who know about the amount of crimes because they aren’t broadcasted.

The locations and severity of some crimes should be told to students because these are areas most students frequent. Although there is a way to keep track of crime within a community, people still don’t know exactly what crimes are on the rise.

CrimeMapping.com is a website that is connected to the Lansing County Police Department that shows all the crimes that have been reported within a given time frame.

According to CrimeMapping.com, n the past month, there have been about 90 crimes within the county of Lansing and there aren’t many people who knew about it. These crimes range from car thefts to homicide.

The majority of the crimes committed are assaults normally happening early in the morning or late at night. Seeing that most students travel during these specific times are normally alone or with very few people around.

This is something that people say they hardly hear about. One student, Ellen Evans, said that in the past month she “has only heard about two crimes, one was a shooting and the other was the stealing of people’s iPhones.”

“I have a lot of early morning classes and I do tend to work at night, I think knowing that during these times people have been getting robbed is important.”

“I really don’t care about the murderer that is on trial right now, I care more about how many people have been reporting a specific crime in my neighborhood so that I can protect myself,” said Evans.

The question posed was how the media picks and chose what is important to tell people and the answer was “whatever gets more publicity for the company.”

A local reporter for a popular news paper, who wished to only be called “Rudy” due to their opinions on this topic, expressed that most papers and television stations broadcast the things that will get more viewers to tune in.

“More people will tune in if it is a crime happening in a place where crime is almost non-existent.”

“If there is a crime that happens in an urban area it is not a big deal just because crime is prominent in those areas. If there is a shooting in a rural area people are going to be more prone to watching or reading about it because it is basically shocking,” said Rudy.

Though most students admit they don’t really watch or read the news, they do admit that the only crimes they hear about are the ones in areas with wealthier people.

Paris Feiler said it bothers her that she does not hear about more crime patterns in her neighborhood just because it is Lansing.

“I’ve lived in Lansing Twp. for about a year now and I never hear about the assaults, burglaries, or thefts like I would about a killing that happened hundreds of miles away.”

“To know that in one month there has been more than 50 crimes, and I have only really heard about one is not right. That is what State News and other media outlets on campus are for.”

I should know about everything happening in my community that could impact me more than I should know about how good our football team is doing,” said Feiler.

There shouldn’t be a matter of amazement that crime happen; it should be a concern for the residents of Lansing Twp. Though every story cannot be publicized, trends should be told to students.




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