Onondaga Township hopes to purchase Baldwin Park from Ingham County

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By Missy Sebring
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

Onondaga Township approached Ingham County this year hoping to purchase Baldwin Park from the county and assume responsibility of upkeep and management. The director of parks for Ingham County said it seems to be in favor of this plan because the park is not a lot of work, but is 12 miles from the park center.

“It will just continue to get better because the county doesn’t have the time and resources to manicure it on a daily basis,” said the director of parks for Ingham county, Willis Bennett.

The township felt like this was the right time to take over the park for a combination of reasons.

“It is not a lot of upkeep for the park and we got a new board last year,” said Onondaga Trustee, Russell Bodell. “We are already paying money to the county and the park seems to get less attention every year, so why not take care of it ourselves.”

Bodell said that a master plan is in the works for the park that should take effect once the park is officially owned by the township. The Ingham County Planning Commission will discuss this item during their meeting on November 5 and Bodell is hoping for approval by mid-December.

The master plan includes a hiking trail, a BMX trail, and a canoe and kayak boat launch. They are also hoping to renovate the bathroom, pavilion and fence by the road. Bodell said the township has received minimal oppositions with about one percent or less thinking it is a waste of the township budget.
Bodell said it will rely a lot on volunteers to donate time and hopefully form a group to brainstorm ideas to make the park better every year.

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