Ingham County Women’s Commissions nears decision on Everyday Heroine Award recipient

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By Rashad Timmons
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

The Ingham County Women’s Commission reviewed the finalists of their bi-annual Everyday Heroine Award on Oct. 9. The commission narrowed the discussion to three women. The finalists included Kristy Medes (Holt), Stephanie Butka (Lansing) and Marcy Bishop Kates (Lansing).

The Everyday Heroine Award is given to women who uplift and enhance
the community through dedication and service said, Commission Representative Dorothy Mitstifer. The award recognizes women who do tremendous work in their daily lives.

“This is award is designed to honor the unsung heroine in the neighborhoods,” said Women’s Commission Representative Deborah Lynch. “It could very well be the grandma that took care of everyone in the neighborhood.”

Lynch said that the award began in 2006, with the first award going to Gail Kleine. The honor was reshaped to commemorate and celebrate the memory of community leader Lucile Belen.

“The award was recreated in honor of Lucile Belen, a former commissioner and Lansing city councilwoman for many years,” said Mitstifer. “She passed away in 2010.”

The award is given at the Ingham County Board of Commissioners’ meeting. Previous winners include: Sara Griffon, Lady Margaret Groves, Rachel Blackledge, Judy Conley and Martha Glynn.

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