Ingham County Finance Committee discuss "Z" List for 2014

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By Missy Sebring
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

The Ingham County Finance Committee met Sept. 25th to discuss the budget for this year and options for 2014. The committee contemplated what areas to place on the “Z” List, which is additional money for the upcoming year. Some commissioners said the money should be saved and placed in the contingency, while others saw the need to disperse it throughout the county.

“Let’s take the rest of the money, even though after taxes and things it will be a small amount, give it to staff with a thank you for the last five years since the crash of 2008,” said Ingham County Chairperson, Deb Nolan.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Nolan spoke up about dividing a portion of the list into a one-time lump-sum for the 1,200 county employees.

Commissioner Brian McGrain had a different plan for the money.

“I think that the money would be better spent in being used to fill budget holes or to keep people from being laid off,” said McGrain. “I don’t like the idea of giving out a bonus when we’re actually not bringing in enough revenue to cover our expenditures.”

While the “Z” List has $300,000 to spend, it is up to the committee to determine what areas in the county will be allotted money. $225,000 would be the remaining balance that would be divided by county employees.

The committee decided that more details were needed on who would qualify for the bonus before any decisions could be made.
Once the information is received, the committee will decide if any action will be taken in placing the one-time bonus on the “Z” List.

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