5 Unique Products You’ll Find in Old Town’s General Store

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Old Town General Store is known for its local products. Owner, Rhea Van Atta, does all the shopping for her store personally. Van Atta says around 70 percent of the total products in the store are from Michigan.


Ceramic Plates


A local artist created these ceramic plates.


Beer and Wine


About 99% of the beer and wine are Michigan-made.


Cutting Boards


A man who lives five miles away from the store sculpted these cutting boards. These are good for the environment because they are Michigan-made and are also recycled. These boards were made of wood that was going to be thrown out.



Fresh-Baked Breads



The breads in the General Store are delivered daily from local shops (Stone Circle) and large companies (Great Harvest).





These chocolates are made with Michigan ingredients from a small business named Grocer’s Daughter.


Old Town General Store takes pride in recycling and selling organic products to support Michigan along with our environment.

By: Sierra Williams



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