Summer/Fall Farmers Market comes to an end

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By Jordan Goltz
Meridian Times staff writer

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP- As the leaves begin to fall and the colder weather approaches, the Meridian Township Farmers Market comes to a close.

Wednesday, Oct. 30, marked the last day of the summer/fall farmers market season, a season that had a variety of weather, and an abundance of costumers.

Sandy Stone, a local vendor of fruits and vegetables, and her family have been part of the Meridian Township Farmers Market for all 40 years of its existence.

Fresh apples wait to be bought

The Apples that Stone sells from the orchard in Hart, Michigan

“We’re the only family that has been here all 40 years,” said Stone. “We love it here.”

Stone sells apples from an orchard in Hart, Michigan. Stone explained that they use their own pesticides with the apples. She explained that the variety of weather has affected both sales and production.

“The rain, more than the cold has affected sales,” said Stone. “The people who love to come still come, regardless of the weather.”

Vendors have the opportunity to move indoors for the winter market season. Marjorie Johns, a local grower for more than 20 years, will still sell indoors in the wintertime.

“Everything I sell, I grow myself,” said Johns. “Every year is different for the vegetation. The frost has been killing some of the things this year.”

Johns does not participate in the Certified Organic Marketing Label because she does not believe in the use of unsustainable agriculture on her crops. She explained that as the weather gets colder, crops are going to die and the things being sold in the winter market are going to be different than the summer/fall market.

“Most of the crops sold in the winter market are going to be storage crops,” said Johns. “I started here in 1997 and have missed only one day. I don’t plan on missing any more.”

Other vendors, such as Jeremy Confer of Owosso, Michigan, have also had to deal with the weather changes over this market season.

“All of the summer produce is pretty much done because of the frost,” said Confer. “The tomatoes, zucchini, melons and cucumbers are all gone because of the frost.”

Shelves stocked with Confer's syrup waiting to be sold

Syrup produced by Herb Confer

Confer’s father Herb, a maple syrup producer, has been producing and selling syrup for seven years and said that the frost does not affect syrup production.

One final market will be held at the Central Park Pavilion on Wednesday, Nov 27, 2013. The winter market will be the first and third Saturdays of the month in the Meridian Mall, starting in December.

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