Residents explore their creativity during local art class in Downtown Williamston

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Participants Susan O'Brian, Aly Wendt and Wendy Shaft get crafty.

Participants Susan O’Brian, Aly Wendt and Wendy Shaft get crafty.

By Leslie Spector
Williamston Post staff writer

Williamston residents got crafty and participated in the first stamp-carving class, hosted by Wendy Shaft, at Limner Press’ new location on Grand River Avenue on Nov. 4.

Each participant received a block of Speedy Cut, a high-density rubber block used for carving, an X-Acto knife and a carving tool.

“I began the class by discussing line and shape making,” said Shaft, owner of Limner Press.

Participants could either free-hand their design or look at Clipart to help come up with a stamp design. The next step was to carve out the sketched design using the tools provided. Next, artists “proofed” their stamp by testing it on a piece of paper to see if they want to add more marks, lines or shapes to their stamp.

“This is a very simple and inexpensive project,” Shaft explained. “This process of art is called relief printing and stamping. This project is mostly about getting used to the tools.”

“I was interested in learning a new art technique and since I’m not that artistic, I came in and asked Wendy to host a class,” Susan O’Brian said. “It’s not expensive. You don’t have to invest in a lot of materials and Wendy is just great. It’s fun participating in these classes.”

Aside from teaching people how to design and carve a stamp, Shaft shared information about printmaking and taught artistic vocabulary.

“Wendy is amazing and I love her artwork,” said Aly Wendt. “I have known her for years and have never experienced art with her until this class. It’s great to share this with her.”

“I love to teach because of the creativity that happens between people,” Shaft said. “Everyone brings their own artistic creations to the table which allows everyone to learn something new.

“I like to have fun at my classes so I typically come up with simple ideas for residents to participate in. It’s also a nice little way to make friends and network,” she added.

Join Shaft at her next stamp carving class at Limner Press on Monday, Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. To RSVP, email Shaft at

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