Meridian dog park put on hold

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By Justin Polk
Meridian Times staff writer

Dog parks have become very popular across Michigan with parks in or near Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids. Meridian Township could join the Lansing area with a dog park of its own.

“East Lansing and Lansing both have dog parks.” Jane Greenway said. “There are also parks in Ann Arbor, Northville and Traverse City, just to name a few.”

Jane Greenway is parks and land management coordinator for Meridian Township as she heads the Meridian dog park front. Greenway explains that this has not been an easy process either.

“The dog park has been in the works for nearly 10 years,” said Greenway. “We have not been able to focus on the donation efforts due to residents who live next to the park who have since moved.”

Greenway explains that the dog park has been on hold due to lack of funds but the township wants to continue with the project.

“We estimate that we need $150,000 for the dog park,” Greenway said. “but that number includes paved parking and utilities as well.”

The proposed location is just south of the Harris Nature Center on Van Atta Road. The park will include a looping pathway, dog water fountain, benches, an agility course and more. You can donate to the park by going to Capital Region Community Foundation and specifying your donation as the Meridian Dog Park Fund. Map Here.

“The park is not just important to dogs,” said Greenway. “But it opens up socialization between people and events for families to come to.”

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