Local Realtor Donates Park Bench

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Lansing Township— Slater Park has been a staple for the Groesbeck and Lansing Township community for years, and this past weekend it received a new park bench.

The bench donated by Pete Holoway, was acquired through a place-making grant through the Greater Lansing Association of Realtors, according to Senior Planner Matt Brinkley. park bench

“Slater Park is already a great area, but we would like to make it better,” Holoway said.

Throughout the years, Slater Park has been important to the community of Lansing Township and was very special to Holoway personally, he said. “It really impacted me as a young boy. It’s where I hung out, played baseball and in the winter the fire department would flood it and turn it into an ice rink,” Holoway said.

Holoway said that he wants the park to become a focal point of the community again and even something as simple as a park bench is a first step in making the park somewhere where kids and families can relax. “There is a garden area, and if you were growing corn and wanted a place to husk it, there was no place to sit,” Holoway said.

According to Brinkley the park bench is merely the first step the Township has for renovating and updating their park areas. “The Township is in the process of updating its master plan, including parks and recreation facilities, and Slater Park will feature prominently in those plans.  We think that it can become something really unique and provide the neighborhood with even more amenities than it does now,” Brinkley said.

Holoway agrees with Brinkley and hopes that he can do more to improve his childhood home. “This is just a start for me,” Holoway said. The bench was dedicated to Slater Park on Saturday Nov. 2 at a ceremony for the National Association of Realtors.

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