Lansing Township Planning to Rezone North Grace Street

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LANSING TOWNSHIP – The Lansing Township Planning Commission put in a request to rezone N. Grace St before the Board of Trustees.

The request was to rezone the properties from 304 to 614 N Grace St, which covers two blocks from commercially zoned to residential, according to Senior Planner Matt Brinkley.

The purpose of the rezoning is to undo the original commercial zoning from back in 1967.

“They were zoned commercially with the intention of creating a buffer between the industrial land uses to the east around the General Motors plants and the residential neighborhood of which these homes are apart,” said Brinkley.

Brinkley said that the rezoning has been a goal since the GM plants shut down meaning there is no longer a need for a buffer zone. If the request does pass it will be a great benefit to the homeowners and landlords in that area.

“It allows the properties to be expanded. It allows the properties to be rebuilt if they are substantially destroyed by some catastrophic event and it allows the properties to be sold because it removes an obstacle to financing,” said Brinkley.

The rezoning will also allow the current property owners to refinance which could save them tens of thousands of dollars over the course of their mortgage, Brinkley said.

He said this project also would be a benefit to surrounding properties and homeowners in the area.

“To the community at large it better protects the residential character of that neighborhood, which means the surrounding properties and homeowners are protected from encroachment by commercial properties which might diminish their property values,” Brinkley said.

The next step is for the planning commission to set a public hearing to make a recommendation to be heard by the board of trustees. The board will then make their final decision and the planning commission hopes to have the project finalized in early January.

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