City of Lansing Approves Hazard Mitigation Plan

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IMG_1116Recent torrential rains in south Lansing focused attention on the revision and review of the city’s Hazard Mitigation Plan, which the Federal Emergency Management Administration requires to provide assistance.

The hazard mitigation plan brought to the attention of the city council is a revision of the 2006 plan that passed seven years ago. The new plan, which will be in place for five years, is constructed to help the city of Lansing whenever a disaster strikes, man-made or natural.

“This plan we have for 2013 is the very first full plan the city of Lansing has ever enacted,” said City Council President Carol Wood. “The plan covers a lot of different scenarios, but is extremely general. So there is no specific plan for a disaster in a specific neighborhood.”

Birchfield and the previous plan

During the last five years, Lansing’s Birchfield neighborhood endured three 100-year storms in three years. The flood set records never seen before in mid-Michigan.

Though there is no specific strategy to deal with such problems in the future, the city can still apply for assistance from FEMA as before. However, without revising the plan, FEMA could not fund any request.

Wood said the plan is “a necessity” and “could prove to save our city one day.” The plan will be put into place in a few days, covering Lansing for every possible hazard.

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