St. Johns Downtown Farmers Market to open June 15

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By Carmen Scruggs
Clinton Chronicle staff writer

St.Johns’ residents will get to shop for fresh local farm products at the opening of the Downtown Farmer’s Market starting June 15.

farmers market

Market Produce. Photo by

The market, located on Maple Street between Cass Street and State Street, is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon from June 15 until Oct. 26.

St. Johns’ Farmers Market started more than 50 years ago to house local farmers’ home-grown fresh and dried fruits, vegetables and nuts. The market provides meats, poultry, eggs and dairy products as well. Customers can find a more diverse selection of custom products than at a chain grocery store since the market offers home prepared and baked goods such as cakes, jams and maple syrup.

Food products are not the only goods the market provides however. Artisans and crafters supply potted flowers, stained glass, crochet dish cloths, candles and a variety of jewelry.

The Farmer’s Market Master Shirley Davis helps to provide farmers with a venue to display and sell their produce and products.

Justin Roe is an avid Farmer’s Market shopper and has gone to markets in Farmington and Detroit. Roe said he prefers Farmer’s Markets over chain grocery stores because of the better sense of community and better quality food.

“Not only is the food generally better but it’s a better sense of community and good social gathering, everyone is normally pretty happy,” said Roe.

Quality meats like lamb and fresh fruits and vegetables are some of Roe’s favorite products he shops for at markets.

Roe said he also liked that Farmer’s Markets house local produce and offer the chance to meet the farmers directly.farmersmarket

“In a regular grocery store they just have bins with the food and you’re left to assume where it came from or what condition its in,” said Roe. “At a farmers market, you are actually meeting the people who are growing and picking the crops and then they’re distributing it so you’re actually meeting the people who made them and they can talk to you about where they’re from and how fresh they are.”

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