Scrapfest returns to Old Town in June with cash prizes

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By Jennifer Brown  Staff Writer

“One man’s trash is another’s treasure” is a popular saying, but it’s taken to

a literal sense at the Old Town Scrapfest. The Scrapfest is an art competition whose

final results are displayed during the Festival of the Moon and the Festival of the

The competition is in its fifth year running, and begins on June 1, 2013. The

participants have one hour to collect up to 500 pounds of scrap at Friedland

Industries, and two weeks to build a masterpiece.

Participants can form teams of up to five people, including one team leader.

The teams’ creations will be displayed during the Festival of the Moon on Friday,

June 21. The pieces will then be judged an auctioned during the Festival of the Sun.

Executive Director of the Old Town Commercial Association, Louise

Gradwohl, said that people get very competitive in making their art pieces.

“There are cash prizes up for grabs, and people also want the claim to fame,”

she said. The first place team wins $1,000, the second place team gets $500, and

third place receives $300. Spectators can also vote for the people’s choice award

The creations are auctioned off after the judging takes place.

“Forty percent of the auction goes back to the artists, and the rest goes to the Old Town Commercial Association,” Gradwohl said.

Some artists, like Andrew Sandstedt, just like the competition and thrill of

“I have participated in the event every year since its inception,” he said. “As

an artist, I truly love the creativity and excitement this event brings.”

Festivals like the Scrapfest are big draws to get people from all around the

area to experience Old Town. Last year, Scrapfest and the Festivals of the Moon and

the Sun drew nearly 10,000 people to the Old Town area.

To Sandstedt, the Scrapfest is more than just another art festival.

“The past two years, I have had the privilege of working on my Scrapfest

project with my sons,” he said. “That alone has made it worthwhile.”


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