Holt's Kiwanis Club plans upcoming events

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By Marlee Delaney
Holt Journal staff writer

Holt’s Kiwanis Club is holding a Top 10 Dinner on April 22, recognizing the top 10 graduating high school students.

Former director and current member John Hayhoe said that each year, the club invites a guest speaker. This year, the speaker is Judge Donald Allen from the 55th District Court.

Hayhoe said the club runs a lot of fundraisers to support its activities.

“We hold two chicken barbecues each year,” he said. “We cook chickens, and people from the community come and buy them. We make between $3,000 and $4,000 from that.”

Other activities include Peanut Days, an annual Easter egg hunt and bowling for people with developmental disabilities.

Hugh Lockhart works with the fundraising committee for Peanut Days. He said the committees do three days of fundraising, once in the spring and once in the fall.

“We take a station outside of businesses in the Holt area, specifically at Flap Jack, Buddy’s Pizza and 7-eleven,” he said. “We have aprons that we wear and canisters that we carry to contain the money, and we have signs that are posted to explain what our various projects are.”

This year, the Kiwanis Club will be conducting the spring fundraiser on May 10. Lockhart said he hopes to have at least 19 members help collect money.

Another activity that Lockhart takes part in is the bowling program for people with developmental disabilities because it has a special meaning to him.

In 1959, Lockhart was employed at Michigan State University, and his daughter was enrolled in a special education program in East Lansing, which helped him later design a program for other people like his daughter.

“I was very active in the parents’ club there,” he said.

Lockhart later became the president of Holt’s Kiwanis Club and remained very active in the bowling program. There are currently about 60 special-needs bowlers in the program. Lockhart said everybody gets a trophy.

“Our favorite reward is to recognize those people who have made the best improvement each year over the last year,” he said. “We don’t use interpersonal competition, but we do reward success at performing one’s own performance.”

President of Holt’s Kiwanis Club William Sisco said the club also holds a scholarship program for the high school. In addition, the club organizes a golden wedding anniversary party that honors anyone who’s been married for 50 years or longer, and they also partner with the Salvation Army to help provide for underprivileged children.

“We’re serving the community of the world,” he said. “One child and one community at a time.”

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