DeWitt Residents Experience Ghost Hunting 101

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Metro Paranormal's 17 member group conducts investigations throughout Michigan.

Metro Paranormal’s 17 member group conducts investigations throughout Michigan. (Photo from Metro Paranormal)

On Friday DeWitt Area Recreational Authority will be presenting the inaugural “Ghost Hunting 101” enrichment event hosted by Metro Paranormal. The course about paranormal investigation is over three weekly sessions that include a “How To Introduction”, “Ghost Hunt Investigation” and “The Reveal”.

“The motivation was basically to try something different,” said DeWitt Area Recreational Authority intern Jeremy Babbitt, who is in charge of the “Ghost Hunting 101” event.

“We thought maybe we could hit a nerve with the community that might open up some avenues that people don’t always have chance to go through.”

The event is a part of multiple Spring related events presented by DARA this April that includes music, art and sports.

“The reason that we’re having this in the Spring obviously because one, we want to get outside,” Babbitt said. “And two, part of our marketing material when we advertised for this event was to see where are our real spook seekers were at.”

Babbitt said that the event hopes to attract those interested in learning about paranormal investigating from the members of Metro Paranormal.

Chris Forsythe founded Metro Paranormal over six years ago and has been conducting investigations with the 17-member group throughout Michigan.

“We remove some of the mystery of what we do,” Forsythe said.

Forsythe said that most people view paranormal investigators or “Ghost Hunters” based on popular television shows and films.

“A lot of people read about ghosts and are misinformed by both the media and Hollywood,” Forsythe said. ““We explain what we do what we’ve seen and how we do our investigation from start to finish.”

Metro Paranormal will be coming to the DeWitt Community Center for their first week of "Ghost Hunting 101".

Metro Paranormal will be coming to the DeWitt Community Center for their first week of “Ghost Hunting 101”. ( Photo from Metro Paranormal)

Metro Paranormal conducts residential and commercial investigations and many of their events raise awareness and funds for historical sites.

“Were following our hobbies and passions, but what we can do also is help another association,” Forsythe said.

Metro Paranormal has had investigations in the DeWitt area but this is their first community event. Participants in “Ghost Hunting 101” will have a hands-on experience with equipment and investigation techniques.

“These people are literally going to become ghost hunters,” Forsythe said.

The event developed through Babbitt, who had worked in prior jobs with some of the members of Metro Paranormal. Babbitt and Forsythe both hope to have people from all different levels of knowledge to come to the event.

“Anybody who is a skeptic, anybody that is a believer, or anyone that saw the T.V. shows and just thought ‘wow that looks cool’,” Babbitt said. “I’m hoping we get every sort of person here, from the skeptic to the curious.”

Forsythe hopes that the event will allow people to be open about past experiences with paranormal events.

“It also allows people that are affected by paranormal activity to talk to us,” Forsythe said. “Because it’s not something that even in today’s open world that a lot of people are comfortable talking about.”

The first of three sessions will take place this Friday at the DeWitt Area Community Center and will cost $20. The two other sessions will be on Friday April 12 and 19.

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The DeWitt Community Center is located at 16101 Brooks Rd Lansing MI 48906. (Graphic by Luke Ferris from

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