Riverwalk pedestrian bridge and trailhead

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By Katarina Vella Lingl
Mason Times staff writer

MASON – Director of zoning and development, David Haywood, presented an application for the development of a pedestrian bridge at the March 18 City Council meeting.
Haywood said the bridge over Sycamore Creek has “outlived its usefulness” and should be replaced.
This bridge would be eight feet wide and accommodate people with disabilities, Haywood said. He said the newly constructed bridge would not be engineered for automobiles.
He said the project on 213 S. Jefferson St. would cost more than $90,000 and to help with funding, he requested a grant from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Recreation Passport Grant Program.

Haywood said the grant application is due on April 1, and asks for 67 percent of the total to be paid.
Haywood said if the grant is awarded, it would be in the 2013/2014 budget.
Councilman Jon Droscha said this seems to be a worthy cause, but there are a lot of things the council could use the money for.
Mayor Pro Tem Robin Naeyaert agreed with Droscha and said she was searching for answers on the issue of using money from the city’s general fund.
Haywood said there were other options when it comes to payment besides using city funding, such as a private donor. He said this project would be involved with the parks budget rather than the general fund.
Councilman Marlon Brown said he was comforted to know there are other options if the grant is not awarded. He said he supported the construction of a pedestrian bridge if the budget allowed it.
Haywood said an application has been made, and at the conclusion of his presentation, the council passed the resolution with no opposing votes.

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