Edtrek takes strides for success

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Senior Sydney Kramer goes through one of her lessons at Edtrek.

By Sally Zimmerman
Holt Journal staff writer

Edtrek in Holt has seen increasing graduation rates in the past few years. The students are determined to receive the best education they can, according to Center Director Connie Ragnone.

Edtrek is the alternative high school in Holt for students who desire more hands-on learning.

“For one reason or another they have not been successful in a traditional classroom,” said Ragnone. “Here, they’re pretty much on an individual plan with our guidance.”

Currently, 94 students attend the school in one of three sessions. The sessions run from 7:30 a.m. to noon, noon to 4:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Ragnone said she thinks the school gets more successful every year. She said 63 students signed up to take the ACT March 5 and 19 students signed up to attend Lansing Community College next year.

The students like Edtrek because of the individualized attention they get from teachers.

“The teachers are more personal,” said Aliyah Scott, a junior at Edtrek.

Another student, Ryan Anderson said the teachers will help him with something until he understands. He can get the attention he needs.

Ragnone recently started a newsletter that features student accomplishments, announcements and upcoming events.

All courses at Edtrek are online, so students are on individualized plans.

“You go at your own pace and you have to know the material before it lets you move on,” said Macala Cadwell, a senior at Edtrek. “The classes are step-by-step and there are so many examples that it basically gets glued in your head.”

The students aspire to continue being successful after graduating from Edtrek. Going to college for singing, business management and nursing are some of their goals.

“I’m already signed up for LCC and the RN program at Sparrow,” said Cadwell. “I have to do a whole year of training, which I’m kind of excited about.”

Ragnone said the students do a lot of social skills training. They all help each other.

“This school provides a lot of stability for them,” Ragnone said. “We’re pretty much like a big family.”

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