Valentine’s Day was a busy day for the florists of St. Johns

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Woodbury’s Flower Shop located in downtown St. Johns.
Photo by: Matthew Arvin

By: Matthew Arvin

Whether it’s a small town flower shop, or a statewide recognized store, the florists of St. Johns did all they could to make Valentine’s Day special for the community.

Wayne Woodbury, the owner of Woodbury’s Flower Shop, said how important Valentine’s Day is to his shop as well as most other flower shops in the country.

“A typical Valentine’s Day is like doing a good month in two days,” Woodbury said. “It’s hard to imagine, but that’s just how busy we are.”

Woodbury’s Flower Shop has been part of the St. Johns community since 1911 a

nd has been owned by the same family since it first opened.

“I’ve been doing this since the mid 60s,” Woodbury said. “I started doing deliveries when I was in high school and Valentine’s Day has always been busy.”

For the florists of St. Johns, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done in order to make Valentine’s Day run smoothly.

“The more you can get ready ahead of time, the more smoothly the day will go, and the further ahead you’re going to be,” Woodbury said.

Since Kroger is a large chain, the preparation for their floral department is even greater. Theresa Farley, the head florist at Kroger said what they have to do to prepare.


One of the flower arrangements available in the Kroger floral department.
Photo by: Matthew Arvin

“I order my Valentine’s Day flowers in August because Kroger’s is such a large company, Farley said. “We had a hundred cases come in, in a matter of a couple days; it was chaos.”

The florists of St. Johns also have different types of specials to promote Valentine’s Day as well. Pam Garcia, florist at St. Johns Florist and Greenhouse, said what their store is doing special for Valentine’s Day.

“We delivered flowers for free to anyone that lives in town,” Garcia said. “That’s our niche this year because we are out in the country and had to do something to get people to call us.”

Even Kroger has specials for the florist department on Valentine’s Day despite it being a large chain.

“Kroger’s offered an online coupon that you could use towards roses and they also offered a roses and chocolates special,” Farley said.

Just like most holidays, people are often times excited to see them come, as well as relieved to see them go.  While Valentine’s Day is so important for these florists, they are excited when the day is finished.

“It’s a holiday you like to see come, but you certainly don’t mind when its gone,” Woodbury said.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only big floral day of the year. Pam Garcia said how another day is often even busier.

Most florists in the community of St. Johns will now have to begin preparing for Mother’s Day, May 12. Garcia says that when it comes to flowers, nothing tops Mother’s Day, and that any florist will say that.

“Valentine’s is big, but for Mother’s Day, there is weeks of preparation,” Garcia Said.


Flower and chocolate arrangement available at Kroger.
Photo by: Matthew Arvin





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