ICAC opens up Community Outreach Center in Lansing

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By Michelai Graham
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

The new center is located at 826 W. Saginaw

The new center is located at 826 W. Saginaw

LANSING—The Ingham County Animal Control Center (hyperlink) has opened its first outreach location besides the main location in Mason. The new community outreach center opened in Lansing on Jan. 26. This center is directly linked with the main location. No animals stay in the center overnight, they are transported to the main location and brought back each morning.

The satellite offers a lot of the same services the center does with low cost vaccinations the first Friday of every month, dog training for all ages, craft night on Tuesdays for children, and spaying and neutering. The most popular services include an animal food bank and free dog bedding for winter The center is funded by donations and staffed by volunteers. Director, Jamie McAloon-Lampman hopes to bring in more business for this new location.

“We have such limited resources and we have to train all of the volunteers, but we need more help out there so we can hopefully be staffed 4-5 days a week,” said Lampman.

Since the center is staffed completely by volunteers, hours are limited until more people join the team.

“I mainly opened this location because there’s a large number of people who could not access our center in Mason and we wanted to reach out to them,” said Lampman.

This was true for a fellow volunteer who rescued a stray cat in East Lansing. She was unable to transport her to Mason ICAC, so she was ecstatic to hear about the new Lansing location.

The first and only animal brought to the center, a cat named Carol

The first and only animal brought to the center, a cat named Carol

The cat has been temporarily named after the volunteer, Carol, and is looking for a new home. This cat is the first animal brought into the center. Local volunteer and adoption coordinator, Cathy Baker, has taken a big initiative in this operation. She volunteers at both locations and transports animals between Lansing and Mason.

Cathy Baker signing off on papers for the first animal admitted to the center

Cathy Baker signing off on papers for Carol

“I absolutely love it. We have fun, we bring the dogs out to play. It’s a great thing for the community, said Baker.
Baker is a liaison for the adoption opportunity held at the center every Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. So far, the center has put one dog through adoption at the grand opening. The center is looking for volunteers. If you are interested, contact the ICAC at 517-676-8370 for more information.

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