Holt is competing against Mason for the HaMmy

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By Marlee Delaney
Holt Journal staff writer

A view from inside the Margaret Livensparger Theater in Holt

A view from inside the Margaret Livensparger Theater in Holt

Holt and Mason will compete for the HaMmy in the 1st Annual Holt and Mason Scholarship Talent Show, the mayor said Feb. 15, 2013.

Mason Mayor Leon Clark said Holt and Mason will each hold their own talent shows and have their winners compete against each other for the HaMmy in the finals.

“We want to provide as much talent as possible,” he said. “If you’re a singer, dancer, comedian or poet, you can do that. It’s open for anybody who has any kind of talent.”

Clark will be one of the judges for the competition along with other directors of music and art programs in the area.

“The ultimate winner will have the opportunity to perform at the Holt Hometown Festival and Mason’s Sun Dried Music Festival in August,” he said.

Jeff Miller, theater and events manager of Holt High School, said the talent show is going to help kids acquire a college education.

“C.J. Davis is a wonderful enthusiast for our Holt and Delhi community,” he said.

Delhi Township Supervisor C.J. Davis said he came up with the idea of a conjoined talent show last year after he was elected.

“I’m a part-time musician, and I learned that the mayor of Mason is a professional musician,” he said. “He and I decided we should do a talent show to bring the two towns together.”

A view from the stage looking out to the audience

A view from the stage looking out to the audience

The HaMmy will most likely be a certificate and will be given to the winner of the talent show. Holt hopes to provide a trophy for the winner in years to come.

“The capitalized letters, H and M, represent Holt and Mason and is supposed to be closely related to winning a Grammy or an Oscar award,” he said.

Davis added that both towns have a scholarship program to send kids to LCC. He said each town is working on getting businesses involved to help fundraise for each town’s talent show.

“There were connections made with larger corporations who could do matching funds,” he said. “We are trying to get more money from local businesses in order to get a larger match.”

Davis said it has been a tremendous amount of fun planning this event, and he has gotten nothing but positive feedback. This talent show and other fundraising programs will send kids to college.

“The arts are important,” he said. “They can do good things.”

The first event for Holt will be held March 12 in the Margaret Livensparger Theater at Holt High School. Times will be announced as more people in the school districts sign up. There is no charge for participants, but there will be a suggested donation to enter the events.

“We are connecting businesses, schools and all of those things for the good of our students and our community,” Davis said.

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