DeWitt police chief ‘retires’ for one weekend

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Jerue receiving a Certificate of Recognition from DeWitt Mayor Jim Rundborg

Jerue receiving a Certificate of Recognition from DeWitt Mayor Jim Rundborg. (Photo taken by Luke Ferris)

By Luke Ferris Staff Reporter

The City of DeWitt’s Police Chief Larry Jerue retired from his position on Friday Feb. 1, 2012 after serving the city for nine years. Following his retirement on Friday, Jerue took the position of undersheriff at the Clinton County Sheriff Department Monday Feb. 4.

“I’ll be retired for the weekend,” Jerue said, currently keeping his position at Clinton County Sheriff Department.

At his last City Council meeting on Jan. 22, Jerue received a Certificate of Recognition from DeWitt Mayor Jim Rundborg.

“We’re very happy that you are going to be working with the county and bringing all that good cheer and good work to the county,” said Mayor Rundborg while addressing Jerue at the city council meeting.

Jerue served the Ann Arbor Police Department for 28 years before taking the position of sheriff back in January 2004.

“I love DeWitt, it’s a wonderful place to be, so it was a difficult decision to make,” Jerue said. “But I also have a tremendous amount of respect for the sheriff’s department and the sheriff and what’s being done county wise.”

All his life Jerue wanted to become a police officer and help people. Jerue grew up in the Detroit area and then went to school at Eastern Michigan University before working for the city of Ann Arbor.

“There’s a certain challenge that goes along with law enforcement work,” Jerue said. “But there’s a feeling of gratitude of helping people when they really need it the most.”

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Graphic shows arrests under Chief Jerue in the last 5 years. (Graph by Luke Ferris)

Jerue laughs with friends from other areas when he explains that the City of DeWitt Police Department receives “1,500 drive by ‘wavings’ a day”.

“And they wave with all four fingers and a thumb,” Jerue said.

Jerue explained the uniqueness of working in a city like DeWitt.

“People take ownership in this town,” Jerue said. “It’s difficult to describe because when you take ownership like that, you have pride, and people really want to make the community better.”

Ownership is also held within the police department, Jerue said that DeWitt is one of the safest cities to live and work in.

Council members congratulate Jerue.

Council members congratulate Jerue. (Photo taken by Luke Ferris)

“They’re all stakeholders and they’re all involved,” Jerue said. “They expect a high level of service but they also appreciate it when you provide it.”

Jerue saw challenging times during his tenure in DeWitt. This includes when a DeWitt Township officer was shot in the face in 2008 while backing up DeWitt City officers during gunfight.

“There is some difficult times that we’ve had to go through, but the community rallies around that kind of thing,” Jerue said. “Through their confidence in you, it makes you feel that much better.”

The city council selected part-time City of DeWitt officer and former Lansing police lieutenant, Bruce Ferguson to replaced Jerue as of Feb. 1.


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