Dead ash trees cause fear among Mason residents

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By Katarina Vella Lingl
Mason Times staff writer

MASON—No one wants to be awakened at night by the sound of a tree limb crashing down outside your window.
Mason residents Wayne and Diane Bytwerk have been dealing with falling tree limbs and branches behind their house for about a year.
Wayne Bytwerk said at the Feb. 18 city council meeting that dead ash trees surrounding his home on Middlebury Lane worry them.
“A tree that fell hit the back of our house at 3 a.m. and the tree next to it could potentially wipe out our house,” Mr. Bytwerk said.
He said this problem has been looming and it must be taken care of.
Code Enforcement Officer James Duthie said a letter was sent to the owner of the property where the dead ash trees are located.
He said he visited the site on Monday and another large tree limb had broken off.
“It has been four months since the Bytwerks initiated concern regarding these trees,” said Duthie. “I’m hoping major problems will be taken care of once professionals get there and I hope action is taken soon.
City council met on Feb. 18 and passed a resolution calling for the removal of the hazardous ash trees.
“Hopefully the city steps up and takes care of this,” Duthie said. “They will probably put the money on the property owner’s taxes or send them a bill.”
Duthie said he and the Bytwerk family have been contacting the property owner but have not received cooperation.
Diane Bytwerk said whenever the wind blows she can hear bark peeling from the trees and finds branches around her house each day.
“It has been going on for too long and with bigger branches falling, I am really concerned,” she said.
Diane Bytwerk said this issue has occurred in other parts of Mason and with time, agreement was taken care of. She said all it will take is one strong storm to tear down the trees, putting her home and family in danger.
Duthie said professionals will be sent to the property to plan how and when the removal of the trees will take place.

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