Fireworks Glass Studios Carries in the Changing Season

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Fireworks Glass Studios

This locally owned studio features custom made Hot Glass pieces done by veteran glass blower Dave Porter.

Porter started building the studio’s unique equipment in 2006 and opened it in 2007. He has been practicing different styles of glass blowing and Hot Glass for more than 53 years.

Porter’s shop features seasonal and custom pieces that vary in shape, color and style. During the fall the store has beautiful one of a kind glass pumpkins and ghosts. During the winter, unique colored ornaments deck the walls.

The building features a hand-painted mural on one wall and massive ovens on the other.

“I’ve been doing this for years and have perfected my style . . . I’m trademarking several of my designs, especially my infinity ball,” said Porter.

The front of the store features many styles and sizes of what the store has to offer.
Browse the items and watch Porter work with the colored glass and intense heat.
Porter does custom pieces and often features what is in demand in his store’s windows.
Prices can range from $7 to $500.

119 S. Putnam St.
Williamston MI, 48895


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