School collects box tops in bid to get more iPads

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Murphy Elementary School

By Lauren Evasic
Meridian Times staff writer

HASLETT — President of Murphy Elementary School’s parent-teacher organization, Patty McPhee, said classes are stepping up box top collections to purchase more iPads for the school.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, M.O.S.T. (Murphy Organizational Support Team) held its monthly meeting. Principal Lindbert and three M.O.S.T. volunteers met to brainstorm ideas on how to receive enough funding for additional iPads.

The school has 17 iPads but would like 30. The devices are checked out on a first-come, first-serve basis, and it is becoming harder for teachers to get ahold of one when they want to use it in their classroom, said McPhee.

According to Lindbert, “The students can take quizzes, and there are a couple of games (where) they can practice and see if they’ve learned the concepts.”

During the meeting, Lindbert also touched on the Nov. 12 Haslett School Board meeting, where third through fifth grade students from Murphy Elementary did a presentation with iPads to showcase their skills on applications for reading, math, dinosaurs and constellations.

“The school board members were engaged,” said Lindbert. “(The students) really did a nice job.

Lindbert said she received many emails with positive feedback from school board members the following morning.

Murphy Elementary School parent Kerri Waters offered another idea on how to get the school closer to its goal of 30 iPads. According the Waters, the iPad 2 will be on sale at Wal-Mart on Black Friday for $299, which is nearly half of the price of the iPad 3. However, Waters said the school wants the iPad 3 because of the newest technology.

Lindbert said she plans to call other schools in the area, such as Eaton Rapids and Laingsburg elementary schools, which have iPads for each of their students, to find out how they were able to pay for the devices.

As for now, McPhee said teachers are totaling up their box tops, putting them into baggies in groups of 50 and taking them to the post office. She said, with the teachers’ help, the process takes much less time than in the past.

According to McPhee, students have made collecting Box Tops into a challenge, which may result in a higher number of box tops than ever before.

“Classes want to know where they stand,” said McPhee. “They want to know who won.”

2 thoughts on “School collects box tops in bid to get more iPads

  1. Lauren,

    Very interesting story! It is always nice to hear about new ideas happening in our schools. In your second paragraph, I do not think you meant to put the period after Principal because right now, Principal is its own sentence. I would also liked to see pictures of either the Ipads with one of the games loaded on it or a collection of box tops, just to engage the reader more into the story. Overall, very nice job and keep up the great work!

  2. In the third paragraph, maybe remove “McPhee said” or “said McPhee” because with both of them, it’s a little redundant. Possibly include the “more” button in the middle of the story to shorten it on the front page. Overall, interesting and well-written story! Nice use of the photo and quotes. You express the information very well.