Port-a-Potties with pride

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Written and photographed by Marisol Dorantes

Venturing out to the polls I imagined a gold mine of photo opportunities. Maybe it was my first-time-voter naivety, but I planned on photographing buttons that displayed pride, pins with political messages and other quirky displays of opinion. The surprises came from a different angle— a severe lack of patriotic flair.

How is it that a generation that insists on publishing even the most mundane of thoughts on the world wide web gets shown up by Port-a-potties? If the amount of black winter jackets without “I Voted” stickers are indicative of the people that did not visit the polls, maybe the younger demographic continues to be the most apathetic.

Apathy in the case of the election can be as powerful as action. For those who vote, today is full of anticipation but the results of the end of tonight will impact everyone, regardless of how their nail bits were affected. Here is hoping that the Port-a-Potties are not the deciding demographic for our future.

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