College students ready to vote

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By Yiran Zhao

Lansing Star staff writer

LCC Gannon Building

LANSING – This November, students from Lansing Community College will comply with their duty as adults as they cast their first ballot in the presidential election.

Baihong Lin, 20, international student from China who completed high school in N.Y., questions what motivates people to follow electoral system.

“As an international student, I was told that the election is the most fair and honest way of choosing leadership, but most people seem to vote based on their impression of the candidate instead of the political interest of them,” said Lin.

Anna Mattson, 19, took American government classes while she was home-schooled and that strongly urged her to vote.

“I have seen my parents and my relatives vote, so I have definitely grown up in a culture that said you need to vote,” said Mattson.

Having experiences voting in the primaries, Mattson will ask her parents for advice, and see how they made their decisions, “but ultimately, I vote to see what I think is right, because that’s what I feel comfortable with.”

Tiffani Clementin, 21, having experiences electing for governor, said she will not ask for advice, and vote according to her own will. This time, “I think everybody should still vote for Obama,” she said.

Concerning the electoral system of America, Lin said the system might not be able to function in China, “because China is using a similar but different system of election.”

“The candidate is chosen by the representatives of people. This is a more efficient way because of the huge population in China,” Lin added.

On the other hand, Mattson thinks voting has worked out pretty well in America.

“As long as people vote intelligently, and for what they really want, then it can be a good thing. But if they’re swayed by who’s the most popular candidate or they have their personal good in mind, then it can be a bad thing. It depends,” said Mattson.

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  1. This story does a good job telling readers how voters felt about the election. My only suggestion would be to have another visual or two.