Students gather to watch, discuss presidential debate

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by Tyler Hendon

MRULE, the Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience, at Michigan State University has recently received awards from BSA (Black Student Alliance) and the MSU Department of Student Life for its successful programs and activities centering on voting.

MRULE advisor Jaqueline Castaneda has observed politicians and their campaigns since she came to Michigan State University in 2008. In her time at MSU, MRULE has grown while receiving awards from BSA and the MSU Department Student Life for their work in getting students registered to vote. The twenty-two year old psychology senior is now encouraging others to get involved.

“For one, we understand that a lot of students will have their first time voting this year. A lot of them don’t understand what’s going on in politics. We really want them to start voting and be
informed,” she said.

MRULE began a recent program with an icebreaker called “Winds of Change.” The icebreaker got students moving and interacting with each other.

“The purpose of the icebreaker is for participants to find what they have in common with each other. It’s easy for people to talk to once they get to know each other,” Castaneda said.

More than 30 MSU students assembled to watch what turned out to be a fiery debate between former Governor Romney and President Obama. Students found the debate to be highly engaging.

Advertising major, Amber Lewis, enjoyed watching the debate with her friends at MRULE.

“I like being involved in things that engage people from different cultures. MRULE is always fun to me. The debate was very funny to me. Both candidates were taking a lot of jabs at each other” Lewis said.

Twenty-year old journalism major, Silver Moore, had been looking forward to the debate. She got wind of MRULE’s viewing session and decided to join in.

“It was a lot better than the first one. The moderator did a lot better and Obama had more spunk,” she said.

Moorer also felt that Governor Romney wasn’t being direct.

“Romney was talking about how he ran businesses and ran the Olympics but the Olympics isn’t a country. Romney still isn’t answering the questions. I don’t believe anything he says,” Moorer said.

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