OTCA holds last Oktoberfest meeting before the event

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By Justin Anderson

Old Town Lansing Times Staff Writer

LANSING-The Old Town Commercial Association met on Thursday, September 27th at Perspective 2, 319 East Grand River Ave., to discuss upcoming Oktoberfest, hosted annually by the OTCA.

Oktoberfest will be held October 4th and 6th, at the intersection of East Grand River Ave. and Turner St. in Old Town, Lansing.

The Old Town Commercial Association met at Perspective 2, 319 E. Grand River Ave., to discuss the upcoming Oktoberfest. (Photo by Justin Anderson)

The main issue discussed during the working meeting was the lack of advertising in East Lansing.

The East Lansing City Council would not allow OTCA to hang banners advertising Oktoberfest this year, said Hayley Shannon, an intern at OTCA.

“We need MSU students to know about this event,” Shannon said. “We had a few East Lansing businesses willing to advertise the event for us but they dropped the ball.”


In past years, MSU students have made up a large portion of guests at the festival, Shannon said.

“The big question is how we will inform MSU students and East Lansing residents about Oktoberfest this year,” Shannon said. “It’s important for profits this year.”

Profits from Oktoberfest funds the OTCA which allows them to execute projects like neighborhood beautification and trash pickup, said Louise Gradwohl, Executive Director of OTCA.

“It’s really important this event does well each year,” Gradwohl said. “without this event it would be almost impossible for us to do anything for the neighborhood.”

The attendance in the past has been largely dictated by the weather making it difficult to estimate how the turnout will be this year, said OTCA Communities Director Danielle Cooke.  Attendance at the festival in 2011 was about 4,000 people and the OTCA hopes for an even better turnout this year.

Old Town hosts a variety of festivals and events that are supported by the profits from Oktoberfest.  Oktoberfest is also what allows the OTCA to operate, Grandwohl said.

Volunteering at Oktoberfest

Because the OTCA relies so heavily on the profits from Oktoberfest each year, it is important that people volunteer for the committee and help out, Cooke said.

“There are only two of us here from the association, so the committee for Oktoberfest helping out is glorious” Cooke said.

The OTCA is still looking for volunteers to work Oktoberfest, Cooke said.

Volunteer Meredith Brown, who was at the meeting, said she hopes more people volunteer for the event, but was more concerned about the lack of advertising in East Lansing.

“We have a good time at the festival, Brown said.  “We need quite a few more volunteers but the main concern now is whether or not MSU students will know about the event.”


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