Old Town residents see Obama and Romney equal after two

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By Kara Albrecht
Old Town Lansing Times Staff Writer

Romney (Red) vs. Obama (Blue) from Sept. 1, 2012, through Oct. 21, 2012. Mitt Romney is currently sitting at a nation favorite of 47.1% and Obama is at 46.6%.
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LANSING, MI. – Old Town Lansing residents said President Obama has re-joined the presidential race after his performance in the first debate.

According to CBS News,  many Americans said Mitt Romney won the debate. However, the second debate was a tie.

Old Town Resident Amy Kwiatkowski said, “I think Obama represented himself better in the second debate due to his knowledge of the subjects discussed, his persona and he did not try to bash Romney as much as Romney did him.”

Old Town resident Ryan Hodges, who is not even an Obama endorser, felt Obama won the second debate against Romney.

“I dislike him, but he represented himself better,” Hodges said. “He was much more professional, had clear and concise answers and didn’t just bash Romney.”

 Debate Format

This presidential debate allowed uncommitted voters to ask the candidates questions, which was different than the first debate.

“It had the potential to get more heated in the last segment, and it was up to the candidates to control themselves,” Kwiatkowski said. “Staying on subject was much more difficult this time around.”

This debate made each candidate try harder to win over the voter that was asking the question. It brought out more hostility in the candidates than what was seen in the first debate.

“In this debate, both candidates had their own talking points they wanted to stress, and both wanted to come out spewing more venom than what we saw in the first debate,” said Old Town Resident Colin Dilworth. “Both accomplished these goals about as well as they could hope.”

Old Town Resident Ryan Hodges shows his support for Romney on a daily basis by wearing his ‘NoBama’ pin.
Photography by Kara Albrecht

Debate Results

Old Town residents said both candidates were equally prepared for this debate.

“This one here, they both did their homework,” said Old Town Resident George Watters. “Both represented themselves really well.”

Despite the fact that Obama and Romney were equal throughout the second debate, Old Town residents said Romney is the nation favorite.

“I would say Romney has appealed more to the country as a whole due in large part to his ability to make himself look like Obama’s equal, if not more, during the two debates,” Dilworth said. “This is something that a lot of people, even conservatives, thought would be difficult for him to accomplish.”

“I feel like Romney appeals to the nation more in general because people are overlooking his extremist views on certain religious topics and focusing more on his plan to grow back the economy,” Hodges said. “I also feel like Obama won the debate that doesn’t really matter. You want to win the 1st and last debates and Romney definitely won the first.”

Old Town resident Watters agrees.

“I think Romney has gained more from the two debates and he has definitely benefited more due to his performance in the first debate,” said Watters. “His performances have also increased his gain in women voters which is something he lacked before the debates.”

Debates Make No Difference

Even though Kwiatkowski agrees that Romney is the favored candidate, but feels differently on how the debates will effect overall voting.

“I do not think the debates can really change what people think about the candidates, “said Kwiatkowski. “Maybe some undecided voters will be swayed right or left but otherwise debates are just a chance to show how educated the candidates are of the subjects brought up and how well they can defend themselves against low remarks made by the other.”

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