RV Wars held at Ingham County Fairgrounds

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By Ryan McPhail
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

On the weekend of March 15-18, the Ingham County Fairground hosted RV wars.

RV wars is an annual event put on by two local RV dealers: P&K RV Sales in Eaton Rapids and Kitsmiller RV in Mason.

George Chemacki, a salesman for P & K RV sales, described the event as a war between the two dealers to promote business.

P&K RV sales and Kitsmiller RV filled the warehouse and a few of the outdoor lots with RVs and trailers.

Scott Quinn, Kitsmiller salesman, said that this is just the right time of year to hold this event because both dealers are trying to expose their trailers and RVs prior to the heavy camping months.

“The goal is to help customers find what fits their needs,” said Quinn.
Every trailer and RV was discounted at the event and ranged in prices from $7,000 to upward of $80,000.

John Wilson, an RV owner who attended the event Saturday, said it was nice to be able to go to a free event and see what each dealer had to offer.

“They’ve got some really good deals,” said Wilson.

RJ Kitsmiller, a salesman for Kitsmiller RV, said that the dealership uses event to provide great customer service, to develop relationships with customers and to showcase competitive prices.

“It’s a great way to plant a seed,” said Kitsmiller.

On Saturday, Chemacki said that the turnout had been lower than they had hoped for and that P&K RV Sales was not anticipating to reach its goal of selling 10 units at the event. He also talked about planting a seed and stressed the importance of establishing relationships and working with customers to help them find a product that they are looking for.

“We would like to sell 10 units, but if we don’t hit our goals we still sell units off the show all year, people will come back once they find the money,” said Chemacki.

Kitsmiller also talked about how there were a few factors that he believed were contributing to the low turnout at the event.

“There has been a lack of people so far this weekend but the economy is still down and gas prices haven’t helped. Also it’s St. Patrick’s Day and we’ve had some great weather this weekend,” said Kitsmiller.

Kitsmiller encouraged those who were unable to make the event and who are interested in an RV or trailer to visit the websites and lots of Kitsmiller RV and P&K RV Sales.

Kitsmiller RV is located at 1211 Cedar St. in Mason and can be contacted at 517-694-7500.

P & K RV Sales is located at 2334 S. Michigan Road (M-99) in Eaton Rapids and can be contacted at 517-663-1300.

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