Public disagreement with medical marijuana ban

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Williamston City Hall

by Justine McGuire
Williamston Post staff writer

WILLIAMSTON – Williamston residents don’t agree with a zoning ordinance amendment that makes medical marijuana dispensaries illegal within the city.

The amendment was passed March 12 after over a year of debate and three moratoriums that suspended the growing of marijuana in the city. It will become effective on April 2.

Although the amendment does not directly mention medical marijuana, it clearly bans its growth by declaring that any uses or purposes contrary to federal laws are prohibited.

Michael Gradis, the community development director, said that there was not a lot of public comment or participation during the debate.

Paula Warren, who works at Six Strings Place, said that there is an assumption around town that someone else will go to the city council meetings and take care of things, but no one is getting involved in the discussion, so the things that are being done are not necessarily what the people want.

Some residents do not agree with the new law.

Sarah Baker of Uncommon Goodies said: “I don’t understand the people that say it’s not OK in any circumstances. Why do they need to control other people?”

Bud Smith, who works at True Value Hardware, said that it would be better if dispensaries were legal in the city so that medical marijuana growth could be regulated and the city could collect taxes on it.

Six String Place’s head of education, Sean Barrett said: “Put whatever you want on paper, it’s not going to change a damn thing.”

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