OTCA, New Communication Coordinator

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Danielle Cooke, the new communication coordinator for the OTCA office in Old Town, feels that internships are essential before you enter the “real” workforce.

“I had many internships and tried to attain as much knowledge as possible from the people I was working with, Cooke said. “If you are getting ready to graduate, reach out to contacts you have made throughout your undergrad career and ask them for help.

Cooke, who graduated from Michigan State University in 2011, said that a lot of jobs aren’t posted or advertised well so it’s best to have connections.

For communications and journalism students, Cooke advises creating a Web presence.

“Keep a professional twitter and blog where you showcase your strengths; communication skills, that you are able to connect with industry professionals,” Cooke said.

Being able to create a Web presence shows employers your writing skills and that you are able to connect and network. It also shows that you are capable of using social media to help their business achieve its goals.



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