Old Town Farmers Market

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As winter makes it way out spring is coming in, and bringing the Old Town Farmers market with it. This is the market sixth year at Old Town and like usual the Farmers Market is being held in the parking lot at Sirs Pizza and Café.

The Old Town Commercial Association has posted applications online for those that are interested in participating.  There is limited space for those that are interested, so they are encouraged to submit their applications soon. The market is open on the first Sunday of every month from May to October. For participation there is a fee of 60 dollars for the season, or 10 dollars per month.

There are a variety of guidelines listed with the application that vendors are expected to follow. While there is a plethora of products from home made goods to produce there is one general rule that applies to all. All products need to be made in Michigan.

The market has the advantage of taking place during the first Sunday Gallery Walk. While many may come to see the galleries they will be enticed to stay to see what the Farmers Market is bringing to Old Town this year.

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