Meth Lab Explodes in Clinton County

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By: Natalie Sejnost

Two men are under arrest after a meth lab explosion in Clinton County. The explosion occurred in the densely populated Country Village Mobile Home Park where Michael Clayton, 55, and James Eimer, 20, were allegedly cooking methamphetamine.

The two men were arraigned by Clinton County’s District Court on two charges of conspiracy to deliver or manufacture methamphetamine and operating a meth lab, according to the Clinton County Sheriff Department.  The bond for the two men was set at $20,000.

“It’s really astounding that something like this happened so close to home, Clinton County is usually such a quiet community,” said Clinton County resident Lisa Kelly.

According to the Clinton County Sheriff Department, there were three people cooking meth in the mobile home when the explosion happened. The men were transporting the product from one mobile home to another one, and it was in the second mobile home where the explosion occurred. It was reported that emergency crews had to decontaminate the two men immediately after being exposed to the toxic chemicals. Surrounding homeowners, concerned about toxic chemicals were put at ease when The Mid-Michigan District Health Department found no contaminations in the area. The health officials will determine how to clean up the mess from the explosion and also determine who will take care of the costs.

“I believe that the homeowner should have to take care of the cost,” said Clinton County resident Alex Smith, “They were the ones cooking the meth, therefore they should be responsible for the clean up cost, not the county,” said Smith.

TLC’s website,, provides tips on how to identify and report a meth lab. The first sign is unusual smells that are comparable to cat urine, ammonia, and acetone. The website also notes that there are visual signs to look out for. These can include blacked out windows, unusually high amounts of glass containers and trash, people going in and out at all hours of the night, and large amounts of cold medicine packages.  The website recommends that unless you are an officer of the law, do not try to convict the individual on your own. Residents of the area should call 911 or other law enforcement agencies like the Drug Enforcement Agency.






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