Clinton County Kicks Off Summer With Exciting K-12 Programs

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By: Natalie Sejnost

This summer, Clinton County will provide environmental education opportunities for the community. There will be a range of different topics available, and activities can easily be tailored to meet requests. Programs are offered for formal and informal education settings, as well as for youth and community groups.

According to the Environmental Education Coordinator, Kathleen Donahue, “The main goal of the county’s programming is developing a sense of place within the community.”

“I want to connect residents, and especially youth, to their natural environment in a way that builds awareness and caring on a personal level,” said Donahue.

According to the Clinton County Activities website, the county’s programs are structured to leave attendees with specific actions they can take to foster environmental conservation through everyday activities. This may include taking simple steps to reduce waste, recycle, reuse items where possible, conserve energy, and organize a local clean-up. Clinton County has also had clean community events in the past that taught similar steps.

The Environmental Education Program online brochure shows that the program topics range from forensic science classes to learn about water pollution, composting yard waste in one’s own backyard, using red worms to turn food waste into valuable soil fertilizer, conducting a nature study, how waste materials become new products through recycling, understanding what global warming is all about and how to calculate a carbon footprint.

K-12 school presentations are available for classrooms, “Annie’s Big Nature Lesson” camps, homeschooling groups, team teaching settings with themed multiple subjects such as language arts, social studies, science, math, and art.  Presentations are also available to community groups such as youth groups, camps, parks & nature centers and adult community groups, clubs and organizations.

“I think these summer programs are a great way to get your kids involved with a good cause,” said Clinton County resident Brandon Mend.

Residents who wish to learn more can do so by accessing the links below for additional information about the programs and resources available.  Anyone interested scheduling a presentation can do so by contacting Kathleen Donahue, the Environmental Education Coordinator at 989-224-5177 or by emailing her at




Source List: Kathleen Donahue (989)224-5177

Brandon Mend (989) 778-2524


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