Big Time Fertilizing Company Plans to Build New Headquarters in St. Johns

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By: Natalie Sejnost


Agro Culture Liquid Fertilizers is a major manufacturer and distributor of liquid fertilizer products across the nation. They have recently announced their plans to initiate a new corporate headquarters facility in St. Johns. A ceremony is set to take place April 11 next to the existing headquarters.

“It’s great that such a large company is taking interest in our city for their new headquarters,” said St. Johns resident Nick O’Keefe, “I’m certainly not opposed to anything that could potentially help our economy.”

Agro Liquid started a detailed process this past November 2011 to seek out the right people for the job. According to Vice-President of Operations Nick Bancroft, the company’s toughest challenge was hiring a capable team of employees. The company wanted to find people that were willing to design and build a facility that would bring together the technology of today and the traditional farming techniques of the past.

Vice President Bancroft said that they have met their goals when it comes to expanding the company, but they are lacking the physical space to compensate for all of that growth. Bancroft said that the final design successfully captured what they initially set out to do. As the Agro Culture Liquid Fertilizers Company has evolved, so has their business, but not without keeping the traditions of family farming in mind.

According to the design plans, the new headquarters will have elements that represent the traditional barn style but also incorporating a modern edge. The building will have two very different but very distinguishing features. These features include a glass silo structure and an area dedicated for an agricultural museum. The silo-like structure will sit at the east end of the building near the facility’s main entrance and will also double as a library. The building’s southeast side will consist of a 10,000 square foot museum of agriculture showcasing antique tractors and the timeline of farming’s progressive acceptance of technology.

The new headquarters will include over 50,000 square feet of space in total while including various meeting rooms, a training center, an employee kitchen and a fitness room.  Many permits and infrastructure requirements are currently being secured during the remainder of winter and spring but the construction is said to be done by summer 2013.

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