Speedway Spectacular hosts fun night for parents and children

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By Jessica McGregor and Marisol Dorantes
East Lansing staff writers

EAST LANSING — Moms of East Lansing spent Wednesday night, March 21, with their sons at the Speedway Spectacular.

“This is a special event so that moms can spend quality time with their boys. We always do a daddy-daughter dance, but that seems like some people in the family are getting left out,” said Program Coordinator Kathleen Miller.

The dance provides a way for mothers to get out with their sons, but this event is not limited to boys and their mothers. Miller said moms could also bring their daughters as well as fathers bringing their sons.

Tonya Sundermann said, “I brought both of my sons and the first year that I came I just brought my older son and we just had a great time. It was really something fun to do, just the two of us, because it’s really hard sometimes to get time alone. We have a daughter, too, so it feels like we are always going in different directions so they really like spending time with just me and we look forward to it every year!”

The event provided children with many activities such as the dance itself, an arts and crafts station, bowling, miniature golf and an obstacle course.

Local mom, Emily Palsrok said, “I appreciate the fact that the Hannah Center looks for opportunities to host events like this and that they have games and interactive activities. It’s just a nice community event.”

Don Goostrey provided picture packages to the moms with prices ranging from $10-25.  After working with the program coordinator for about his fourth season, Goostrey said that this event is growing each year and that this year there were significantly more people than last year.

“I think it’s great for the sons and moms to be able to come out and do something like this. This one is a very nice one because they have other diversions for the mom to have the boys partake in,” said Goostrey

With the growing number of participants each year, Miller said more volunteers are necessary. Delta Sigma Phi has been helping run this event for years and have made all the difference in running this event.

“We need a lot of volunteers for this event because we do not have enough staff to run all of the activities. We are so grateful to Delta Sigma Phi for coming because they consistently help us year after year after year with this event and it’s a big deal because for the boys you really need to do the activities and without volunteers we can’t do the activities,” said Miller.

This event is geared toward children from ages 4 to 12 and costs $14 per person. Money from this event is used to offset costs of other community programs.

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