Lansing police introducing new online reporting system

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The Lansing Police Department is looking to make reporting a crime easier with a new online reporting system where Lansing citizens can report non-emergency crimes.

Lansing citizens can report non-emergency crimes through the use of a new reporting system that is being used nationwide.

Robert Merritt, Public Information Officer for the Lansing Police Department, was contacted through email and said the department is attempting to stay current and up to date with the changing society.

Merritt said the department, along with departments throughout this nation, implemented this “tool” by “Coplogic.”

According to Coplogic’s website, it was created for the purposes of assisting “agencies in becoming more efficient and make better use of available resources.”

“The system cannot and will not allow serious crimes to be entered,” Merritt said. “There is a safeguard that prevents false reports. I would also state a big deterrent to filing false reports is that it is against the law.”

According to, since Nov. 1, 2011, over 800 crimes have been committed in the city of Lansing.

Out of those crimes, theft, vandalism and drug and alcohol violations, or non-emergency crimes, were in the top five of reported crimes, 33.76 percent of crimes committed, in Lansing.

The Lansing Police Department is installing a new online reporting system to efficiently stop crime and use their resources better. Photo taken by Natalie Kolb.

Merritt said the system cost $22,500 and it was funded by a “grant.”

“The department would expect to see a financial improvement and look toward to money being saved,” Merritt said.

Merritt said the system will not lead to the layoff of any police officers.

“The simple fact is this new system is a fantastic “TOOL” to assist not only the citizens of Lansing, but to also assist the entire work staff within the Lansing Police Department,” Merritt said.

Cassandra Thompson, assistant manager of Family Dollar in Lansing, said the police came into the store and told her about the new online reporting system.

“I think it is a good idea for people who wish to remain anonymous because the site allows you to choose whether you want to report the crime as anoyomous or not,” Thompson said.

Thompson said she hasn’t used the new system yet so she has no clue how it works.

“The cops pretty much told us everything we need to know about it,” Thompson said. “If needed, I would definitely use it.”

Lansing resident Daniel Balogh said he hasn’t heard about the new reporting system, but that it sounds like a good idea so long as they respond to the crime reports.

“I think it will help them organize their crimes,” Balogh said.

Balogh did have some questions about the system.

“I’m just wondering if the system is has been tested at all or if it’s brand new,” Balogh said.

Balogh said he thinks he would use the system if, after talking to a police officer, he felt the need to report the crime in a different way.

Merritt said the police department, on a daily basis, reviews every report and assigns them accordingly.

“The department is working smarter, not harder!” Merritt said.

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