Voters reject $53 million bond issue

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By Jason Dovitz
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

Voters rejected a $53 million school bond proposal on Feb. 28, with tension and disruption following.

The proposal drew 5,317 voters, with 2,799 (52.64%) voting no and 2,519 (47.36%) voting yes.

The $53 million bond proposal would have led to reconfiguration, renovations, and technological improvements in the schools.

Supporters said it would improve the schools while investing in education and technology. Opponents said it was too much money and was not needed.

Voting was also affected by a decision to close Red Cedar Elementary School, which has been scheduled for closing whichever way the bond issue went.

Liesel Carlson, Red Cedar Elementary PTA President and parent of two Red Cedar Students, said she doesn’t believe the school will close because the only money available is in the sinking fund.

Superintendent Dave Chapin said before the election he would not speculate on “what if” scenarios if the bond were to fail.

About 25,708 voters turned out for the entire election, which included the GOP primary.

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