Tweets from Last Night: Michigan Republican Primary Twitter Coverage

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For those who didn’t know, we here at The Lansing Star live tweeted Michigan Republican Primary yesterday on Twitter. Here we have provided you all of the tweets from yesterday below, starting with the most recent tweet. We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter, @TheLansingStar.

It’s official: Mitt Romney has won the Michigan Republican Primary.

Romney is ahead of Santorum in current polls but no winner has been decided.

Doesn’t look like an upset from either Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich.

Results are coming in and it is a dead heat between Romeny and Santorum.

A little over a half hour till the polls close in Michigan. Race looking closer than ever.

Canlon Bruer, a MSU student, said the rally was very energetic and it had a youthful atmosphere.

Staff reporter Natalie Kolb took this picture of Ron Paul at the MSU rally.

In the East Lansing area, there was much excitement about Ron Paul’s visit to Michigan State University, where he made a speech.

It does make the primary interesting. Is there low voter turnout all around Michigan? and if there is, how will it affect the primary?

This maybe the cause for the low voter turnout at precinct 12.

There doesn’t seem to be much excitement about the Republican candidates.

That’s it for live tweeting from precinct 12 in Lansing. Keep following The Lansing Star to find out who won the Republican Primary.

Currently, there are two people voting at Precinct 12.

Correction from an earlier tweet: Denise Kelly is the head chair of Precinct 12. Sorry for the confusion.

Kelly said when the precinct isn’t busy, the workers read books they bring with them or crosswords, or just talk quietly among themselves.

Kelly said during other elections, busiest times to vote is noon to 2 p.m. and 4 to 6 p.m.

Kelly said polling places aren’t usually this slow but it maybe is today because there is only one issue on ballot, and that’s the primary.

Munson said he thinks the Republican candidates only care about helping the rich and wealthy.

Price said she just hopes the president, whom ever that may be, doesn’t run the country into the ground.

Jennifer Price said she didn’t vote and that she doesn’t really care about the political process.

Kelly also said the reason there aren’t many voters showing up is because a lot of people are at work now and will come later.

Kelly said she expects more voters to show up later near the 8:00 p.m. deadline.

Denise Kelly, head chair of the precinct, said a little over 60 people have voted at Precinct 14.

Paul Munson said he didn’t vote in the primary as he is not a Republican and doesn’t believe their candidates share their values.

Here are some live election reactions from Lansing citizens:

The voting for Precinct 12, for those who don’t know, is located at Bingham Elementary School.

Within the hour, we will be live tweeting from Ward 1, Precinct 12 and will be talking to voters about what they care about in a candidate.

Keep following The Lansing Star to here first hand accounts from polling precincts.

Staff reporter Dustin Petty: “Not many people have shown up to vote at Ward 1, Precinct 14.” Keep following us for more primary coverage.

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