Snowstorm hits Ingham County

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By Mallory Londeck
Ingham County Staff Writer 

– An overnight snowstorm on Feb. 23 covered Ingham County with about 4 inches of snow.

Because meteorologists had predicted 10-12 inches the Ingham County Road Commission prepared to spring into action to clear the roads. “We try to always be ready to go at a moment’s notice,” said Bill Conklin, the managing director of the Ingham County Road Commission, of his team.
Conklin said the commission deployed three trucks through the night shift, but didn’t get the brunt of the storm until the early morning. “We had 35 trucks hit the road,” Conklin said, “they had to do the primary roads several times. They did it really early before rush hour, and then did the roads again in late morning.”

The snowstorm resulted in one school cancellation for Ingham County. The Capitol City Baptist School closed its doors for a snow day on Friday, Feb 24.

The snowstorm had no significant effect on other local schools or businesses. However, Michigan State University junior Olivia Catt said that the snowfall disrupted her commute to class. “It was a lot harder to get to class on Friday,” she said, “not all the sidewalks had been shoveled, which made it difficult to walk.”

Although Thursday night’s storm brought a significant amount to Ingham County, snow has been rare this winter. The lack of snow has allowed the county to save a lot of money in its winter budget. Conklin said that the leftover money will be transferred to Ingham County’s summer budget and will be put toward construction projects and maintenance.

Although this mild winter has been good for the road commission, businesses that make their living through snow removal are suffering.
Eric Rogers, a local business owner, who owns his own snow removal and landscaping company, said that this winter has been especially tough. “We’ve had hard years before, but nothing like this,” he said.

Rogers said that there has not been enough snow to pay for the equipment or resources that uses to get his job done. Rogers said he is hoping for some late-season snowstorms, or he might not generate a profit this winter.

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