Romney wins Michigan; also takes Arizona

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By Joe Shermetaro
Lansing Township News staff writer

It was a big day for Mitt Romney, who came out victorious in his home state despite a push from Rick Santorum.  As of 10:00 p.m. NBC News reported that more than 70% of the vote in Michigan had been counted.  Romney, former Massachusetts Governor, had received 41% of the vote.

Romney’s 41% was good enough to top Santorum at 37%.  Behind Santorum fell Ron Paul at 12% and Newt Gingrich with 7%.

It was expected that Romney take Michigan but there was thought that democrats in the state could cause havoc in the polls.  It was rumored earlier in the week that democratic voters would vote for Santorum to try and mix things up in Michigan.

Michigan wasn’t the only damage Romney has done tonight.  Arizona also voted in favor of Romney at 47%.

Cheryl Dobings of Lansing Township working at Plymouth Congregational Church believed crowds had been low at the church, which was Precinct #2 in Lansing.

“Crowds picked up after most people got out of work,” Dobings said.  “But for the most part is was a quiet day.”

Romney grew up in Metro Detroit where it was believed he received the most support.  It was closer than expected but Romney and his campaign came out with the most important stat of the day, a victory.

“We didn’t win by a lot but we won by enough and that’s all that matters,” Romney said in his victory speech Tuesday night.

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