New Salt Storage Facility In Lansing

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A new salt storage facility will increase tax revenue and provide more jobs in Lansing Township.

“The primary purpose of the salt storage facility is simply to provide a regional source for road salt during cold weather,” said Matt Brinkley, senior planner. “There are a couple of benefits to such a facility, one of which is stable, year-round jobs for short haul truckers who would otherwise be laid-off during the winter, the other benefit is reduced cost of road salt for area road agencies.”

Most all cities have a site where they store their salt, but Lansing is lacking.

Ez Manos, president of Detroit Salt Company said his company will address this problem for the township.

“Not only will this be beneficial to the area, but there will be a nice supply of salt locally that can be used at anytime,” said Manos.

There are four main salt distributors in Michigan, which are in Manistee, Muskegon, Saginaw, and Detroit, in which all the salt is imported from Canada.

In addition, the facility would reuse a vacant, underutilized industrial property, according to Brinkley.

That would support Lansing Township’s tax base, and it would also prevent the site from being located in a more rural location.

“There are still some issues that are being worked out like the depth of the drain beneath the site, and current permit approval,” said Patricia Ellison, Deputy Clerk. “Although there are still outstanding issues, and a long list still needs to be met, all the right conditions were met, and the board approved this site for the Detroit Salt Company.” said Ellison.

In addition to those issues, Brinkley said there could be potential environmental impacts on surface water resources and potential congestion generated during the stockpiling phase of the operation.

“I think these issues are manageable and Detroit Salt has worked closely with the Township and other relevant agencies to address these issues,” said Brinkley. At this point, I’m confident that they will be able to meet our expectations and conduct their operations in a way that effectively mitigates or even eliminates any potentially negative impacts.”

“I think it’s important to stress the reuse/redevelopment aspect of this project.  A salt pile may not be a casino or some other “sexy” economic development project, but it makes good use of past investments in public infrastructure and could encourage additional redevelopment in the surrounding neighborhood,” said Brinkley

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– Kevin Burrows

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