Mason residents discuss election

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The City Hall has information on the upcoming election.

By Kelsey Abell
Mason Times staff writer

MASON – The 2012 Republican Presidential Primary coming to Michigan on Feb. 28 has many people talking about the impact this election will have. This will be the only item on the ballot.

Patrick and Samantha Bradfield, Mason residents, said they have been following the primaries and think it is extremely important to vote.

“It lets us give our voice,” Patrick Bradfield said. “There is no point in us having a government run by the people if we don’t vote.”

However, both of them said that they do not think that the Michigan primary will have a huge influence over what happens in the end.

“The first couple of primaries were really important because they knocked a lot of people out,” Patrick stated. “Those first few seem to be shaping how the rest of them are playing out.”

Before Feb. 7, it looked like a race between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. However, when candidate Rick Santorum won in Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota, the race opened up.

Patrick said that he feels Michigan seems to be in the middle and will not significantly sway the election one way or the other.

Steve Curran, a registered independent voter, agrees that it’s an important election but because of earlier primaries in other states, it might not sway the overall election. He added that it will be interesting to see what happens here in February.

“There could be a strong tie to Mitt Romney,” Curran said. “Mainly because he lived here and because of who his father was.” George W. Romney was the 43rd governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969.

Curran added that there are different things that could play out however, this election will not be as big as those first few primaries.

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