Lansing Township website review

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By Stefan Kubus
Lansing Township staff weiter

For those citizens residing in Lansing Charter Township wishing to stay up to date on the latest in their community, don’t expect much from their website.

The official community website, at first glance, seems to be relatively helpful. But after perusing the website for a few minutes, it’s clear there isn’t much girth to it.

You can find public meeting dates and times within the community, some e-mail addresses and names of township officials. However, simple tidbits of information, such as the community budget, are unlisted. Additionally, the website has an overall clunky, jumbled user interface to it, making navigation a worse nightmare than that for the ship captain manning the Titanic.

Along with a design overhaul, the website would benefit from regularly-scheduled updates. Some of the most recent information on certain committees dates back to October of 2011. We are now halfway through February of 2012.

Also, in that same section on the front page of the website labeled “NOTICES,” which lists 15 recent notices, some of them date back to January 2010. That’s not really relevant anymore. I understand that updates regarding schools may be found on the school websites, but why not make an effort to post a notice and link to that website? It’s much better than having just an outdated list. To their credit, there is a post on the left-hand site of the page announcing the 2012 Winter Warm-Up. It’s a free eight-week physical activity program designed to motivate people to improve fitness during the winter months.

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