Lansing Township hosts Republican Presidential Primary

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On February 28, 2012, Michigan will hold the Presidential Primary Voting in various locations across Michigan. Elections will be held in Lansing Charter Township in five polling locations from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

                                Precinct 1: First Christian Church, 1001 Chester Road

                                Precinct 2: Plymouth Congregational Church, 2001 East Grand River Ave.

                                Precinct 3, 4 and 6: Waverly East Intermediate School, 3131 W. Michigan Ave.

There are 12 candidates listed on the primary ballot. Half of which have abstained from campaigning and withdrew from the race publicly but are still listed on the ballot.

Here are the candidates that have withdrawn from the race but will remain on the ballot, in no particular order.

Rick Perry, 47th governor of Texas, is a pro-life conservative who supports border control and adoption but is against abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Perry announced the end of his campaign Thursday,  February 16, two days before the South Carolina primary elections. He also announced his support for other Republican, Newt Gingrich.

 Michele Bachman is a Congresswoman for the 6th District of Minnesota.  is in support of reducing tax burdens on families, adoption and a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman.  Bachmann withdrew from the Presidential race Wednesday, January 4, after she placed last in the Iowa Republican caucuses.

Herman Cain, of Atlanta, Georgia, is the former CEO of the Godfather’s Pizza chain. Cain is in support of eliminating income tax and abolishing the IRS. He developed a “9-9-9” tax plan that says there would be a 9% business tax, 9% personal tax and 9% national sales tax. Cain is also in support of securing the borders, traditional marriages and is pro-life. Cain withdrew from the Presidential race in early December following three sexual harassment accusations.

Jon Huntsman, governor of Utah, withdrew from the presidential race on January 16 and supported GOP candidate Mitt Romney. Huntsman is pro-life and doesn’t support abortion rights. Huntsman is a supporter of traditional marriage but also supports civil unions. His tax reform included eliminating the alternative minimum tax which ensured that high-income individuals who took advantage of exemptions would still have to pay at least some taxes.

Buddy Roemer, former Louisiana Gov., dropped out of the race for the GOP candidacy, Wednesday February 22 and chose to run as an independent. Roemer’s suggested plan for tax reform included a flat tax that says that individuals making $50,000 or less would pay no income tax and those making more than $100,000 would have a tax rate of 8.5 percent, eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax and having no national sales tax. Roemer is in support of enforcing immigration laws and seal our borders.

The other candidates on the ballot are either actively running as a Republican candidate or as a third-party candidate.

Gary Johnson, former New Mexico Gov., is running as a third-party candidate. Johnson supports gay unions and thinks the marriage between gays should not be a concern of the government. He opposes any federal involvement with the economy and suggests rejecting any auto or banking bailouts. Johnson is also a supporter of opening the border and allowing immigrants to gain citizenship in the US easier than today’s procedures.

Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker, is an active GOP candidate for the primary election. He favors ending funding for Planned Parenthood and has signed a pledge to only appoint anti-abortion officials. Gingrich said that marriage is between a man and a woman but decided against signing a pledge to outlaw same-sex marriage in the Constitution. Gingrich said there should be full control of the Mexican border but acknowledges that there should be a zone between granting amnesty and deporting millions of people. Gingrich also supports lowering corporate taxes and permanently enacting Bush’s tax cuts.

GOP candidate, Mitt Romney, is the former Massachusetts Gov. Romney previously supported abortion rights but changed his position after a debate on embryonic stem cells. He has also pledged to support an amendment to the Constitution that outlaws same-sex marriage. Romney also previously supported a path to citizenship for illegal residents but is now in support of tightening the Mexican border and denying amnesty to illegal residents. Romney has proposed to eliminate all taxes on capital gains and interest but opposes the FairTax because it increases taxes only on the middle-class.

Rick Santorum, another GOP candidate, is the former United States Senator of Pennsylvania. Santorum has signed the anti-abortion pledge and said that abortion should be illegal even in instances of rape or incest. Although he believes that the fence surrounding the Mexican border should be complete, he doesn’t support either deportation of illegal immigrants or amnesty for them until the border is complete. He also signed the pledge to outlaw same-sex marriage. Santorum would continue use of the current low, capital gains and dividend rates but wants to cut corporate income taxes in half and eliminate all corporate income taxes for manufacturers.

Republican candidate, Ron Paul, is the United States Representative for Texas. He opposes abortion and signed a pledge to only appoint officials with anti-abortion views to important positions. He’s also signed the pledge to support the outlawing of same-sex marriage in the Constitution. Paul opposes a border fence but calls for the recall of the military from overseas and wants to employ them on the Mexican border to patrol against illegal immigration. He also wants to abolish the income tax and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and cut deeply into federal spending.

Republican Candidate Fred Karger was the first to announce his candidacy for the Republican Nomination of the US.  Karger is currently retired but worked on nine presidential campaigns including Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. Karger said he believes in the woman’s right to choose and thinks that that abortion concerns are private choices between families and their faith. He also supports same-sex marriage and full rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. He said he believes in tightening border security but wants to create a way for immigrants already in the country to gain citizenship. Karger’s Jobs Now! Plan involves creating microloans for entrepreneurs provided by a 7.5% tax fee from American corporations and allowing companies who hire unemployed Americans to utilize up to six months of the individual’s unemployment benefits as payment for their salary.

Written by Ashleigh Artist;

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