Taking a Stand Against Bullying

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by: Alex Yavaraski

Old Town Times staff writer:

It seems that in almost every school district in the US there is some form of bullying that takes place.  With the mural portraying the words ‘kill gays’ being put up, the issue of bullying has arrived in Old Town.  The 2011-12 junior board of education has now made it a focal point to try and prevent bullying from taking place in the Lansing area school district.

“In Old Town there was a representation put up that portrayed the words ‘Kill Gays’,” said Todd Heywood, senior reporter for the Michigan Messenger.  Isn’t Old Town a gay friendly community? Apparently bullying has not been eliminated from the community.

“We’re going to take action this year,” said Tyler Gilton, president of the 2011-12 junior board of education.  The junior board of education has been constructing meetings and events to try and reach out to the community and educate them on anti-bullying techniques.

“We would like to do a 5K run/walk in between March or early April,” said Katie Hall, secretary of the 2011-12 junior board of education.  “We want to invite the community, we want to invite the students to participate and show that they aren’t going to take it, they are going to do something about it.”  Hall said, they want to end the run/walk with a rally at the capital to show the people of Lansing how many great things they can do to try to eliminate bullying.

“We want to expand on bullying,” said Hall.  “We need to make an awareness with the students now that we’ve got the teachers and administrators involved.”

Gilton said, by performing some of the actions such as the 5K run/walk, they will bring awareness to the community that the Lansing school district is trying to make a difference.

“MI. is currently one of four states in the union without any bullying laws,” said Todd Heywood, senior reporter for the Michigan Messenger.


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