Williamston Math & Science Academy

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By Taylor Miller
Williamston Post staff writer

According to the MSA website…

Who should apply?

– Exceptional interest and ability in math  and science
– Successful academic record
– Self-motivated
– Outstanding ability to work independently and in peer group
– Interest in pursuing a post-collegiate career

According to the MSA website, the program is also an excellent preparation for college. 


– Integration of math, science and technology.
– Work with students with similar interests and talents.
– Research and Internships.
– Academic competitions – state, local and national
– Academy designation on transcript.
– Guest speakers and field trips.
– Form close relationships with Academy students and teachers.

One thought on “Williamston Math & Science Academy

  1. I LOVED the fact that you did it totally video! It was nicely put together and having a story about kids and school is an important topic. My only suggestion is around 1:40 you did a picture of the bug over the girls while they talked. I liked it for the first girl but the fade in and out for the second could be left out since she isn’t really talking about the bugs like the first girl is. But I enjoyed watching. Better to watch than read in some cases!