Employees, residents want Lansing School District to move forward after discovery of excess money in budget

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By Erin Clifford
Lansing Star staff writer

An additional $1.6 million was found in the school district’s budget, and the Lansing School Board of Education met Thursday, Oct. 20 for a regular meeting. The excess money was the focus of the meeting, which some board members claimed they didn’t know existed.

“There is no trust,” said Jim Allen, a teacher within the district. “Every time we turn around there’s more money showing up … Whatever the reason the money wasn’t found, no one believes it was unintentional.”

B. Michael Williams, currently running for a seat in the Lansing School Board of Education committee, pledges to find even more excess money that has cushioned the school’s budget. “There’s lots of money in the Lansing School budget that the board doesn’t know about,” he said.

At the meeting, the district was asked for more buses and the school’s music programs were also the focus before the committee.
With many of the buses failing to operate at full efficiency, $800,000 would buy new transportation vehicles and the money left over from the additional $1.6 million found would allow the district to hire at least eight more teachers according to Williams.

“The employees of this district want the board to move forward,” Allen said.
After a reported $23 million deficient within the district, many question how much money is still hidden and what should be done with the excess funds.

Residents suggested the money be put towards new textbooks for the classroom while others think art/music and extracurricular programs should receive the additional money. The school board remains wary to commit to anything until the accounts have been reviewed more thoroughly and the budget for the next fiscal year has been solidified.

Williams vows to find more money if sat on the board, but said it would “be nice if the money was found before then.”

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